About Us

The Word, the Witness and the way of the Lord are at the center of our existence as a church that seeks to infuse hope, love and faith into our community and into the people who shall make up the DNA of the Kingdom First Christian Church of Indianapolis, Indiana (KFCC). This church, which the Lord is building has a distinctive desire to define and drive the ministries of the church through an empowered environment of warmth and compassion.


Contained in these few pages is the map of our movement and motion of ministry. We want every member of the KFCC family to be aware of why we exist, where we are going and the route that we will attempt to navigate to reach the destination. As in all things as travel the journey of life, some detours are inevitable; but one elementary act of obedience is sure to prove true, follow the leader. And the leader of this body is the Savior of the world Jesus Christ.


The Kingdom First Christian Church is a Church where all people from all ethnic, social and economic backgrounds can find love, forgiveness, acceptance and Renewal in the Kingdom First of God.  We would seek to be a church of Praise, Worship, Prayer, encouragement and vision.  We are a Church who connect people to God, grow together and serve our community in which we worship.


We seek to be good news to those who may not know him or have strayed away.  As we fulfill our mission lives will be renewed, restored, racial barriers will be torn down as we are reconciled to God and each other. (II Corinthians 5:18 NIV)